Create pretty, kid-friendly artwork with sun print kits

Kiwi Crate arrival day at my house is always a big deal. Getting mail and a box chock-full of crafting goods in one day? It’s almost too much excitement for my 5-year-old. Last month’s Crate came with a sun print kit backpack. My little one had a fantastic time completing the project, and I honestly kind of wished I had one to make myself. In case the term is new to you, sun prints utilize paper or fabric, water, interesting objects like plants or feathers and (you guessed it) the sun to create pretty images with major artistic flair. After a little research, I found several sun print kits that, while geared toward adults, would be easy and fun for the entire family. The sun print kits below are extremely affordable, educational and nearly completely mess-free. For the kids or yourself, take advantage of the dog days of summer and make something fabulous.

sun print kits

Images, left to right:
Sun Printing Kit Cotton, $48,
Sun Printing Kit Silk, $38,
Sun Printing Paper, $16,
Sunprint Kits, $4-$16,

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