Custom dolls for boys and girls by Sophie & Lili

I remember when my mother-in-law thought that an American Girl would be the perfect gift for a two-year-old. While I was so appreciative, I quickly put it away knowing how expensive it was and I didn’t want to risk the doll getting a premature haircut. So now I’ve been searching for the perfect doll for a busy toddler and I happened upon the custom dolls by Sophie & Lili. The 12-inch custom girl and boy dolls are made–to-order and are designed to look just how you want them with you specifying their skin color, hair color and style, the outfit, shoes, hair accessories, freckles or glasses and complete with a name sewn onto the back of the doll. The designer works with you to make sure the doll is just what you’re looking for even adding a theme to the doll like hearts or flowers if you like. With a price that is just under $40, I think this is the perfect toddler Valentine’s Day gift, Easter Basket stuffer or birthday gift. Order now for upcoming holidays as custom orders take four to five weeks. For a complete listing on the dolls visit,
Sophie & Lili Custom 12-inch Dolls, $37, at 

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