Dental care products to celebrate National Brush Day

Like most parents, I simultaneously love and loathe Halloween. I love seeing my little ones dress up and thrill when a neighborhood friend deposits a piece of candy in their trick-or-treat bags, but I could really do without the sugar highs, sticky hands and candy-coated teeth that follow. Although the first-annual National Brush Day on November 1st won’t help out with the stickiness or sugar rushes, it does promote better oral care and hygiene for kids. In honor of this day, we’ve picked out a few handy toothbrush helpers to make daily brushing more fun and exciting. Until the little ones beg for apples as they trick-or-treat, this may be the next best thing.

Woombie Mommy Time Doll, $26,
Includes time-keeping features for tooth brushing, potty time and more.

time doll.jpg
Perio for Kids Toothbrush, $2.50,
Specially designed to thoroughly clean between kids’ teeth.
perio toothbrush.jpg
OXO Tot Toothbrushing Station, $10,

oxo toothbrush station.jpg
Violight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer, $30,

owl zapi.jpgDenTek Kids Fun Flossers, $3.50,

fun floss.JPG

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