Ditch the plastic baggies for reusable snack and sandwich bags

While most moms have moved away from brown paper lunch sacks for their kid’s lunches, we are often still using plastic snack and sandwich bags everyday. Take the next step and start using reusable sandwich and snack bags which are just as easy to use as the plastic baggies and they can be washed either in the dishwasher or in the washing machine. 
Lunchskins snack bag, $7.85, at lunchskins.com
Snack Happened snack bags, $9.95 , at itzyritzy.com
Snack Taxi, $8.95, at freshandgreen.com
Wrap and Mat sandwich bag, $6.75, at amazon.com
Lunchskins sandwich bag, $8.95, at lunchskins.com
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