DIY beauty: hair detangler for both moms and kids

curly hair by stacey lynn photography on flickr.jpg

It’s not an uncommon sight for people to run away screaming when the paddle brush comes out, and I’m not necessarily talking about the under six set. Anyone with naturally curly hair will agree that detangling is a chore that is best not put off, lest the problem get even worse. 
Detangling usually takes place in the morning, when hair is nice and knotted up from restless sleeping, and that is when a detangler is worth it’s weight in gold. You can reach for expensive detanglers, but it’s just as easy to make your own, and you’ll save a ton in the process.
You will need: one 10 oz. spray bottle, 1/3 cup hair conditioner, and two cups of water. 
Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle. Spray on hair beginning with the underneath layers, clipping upper layers out of the way. Use a paddle brush with soft bristles for best results. 

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