DIY style: Tori Spelling's new Styled collection debuts

One of our favorite celebrity moms is at it again and is not only a busy mom of three with one on the way but now Tori Spelling has just given birth to her newest venture, Styled by Tori Spelling. Styled is a line of mix-and-match DIY customizable accessories that are available in four distinct collections: Boho, Glam, Glitz and Noir. Each collection has necklace tops, bottoms, pendant accents and connector pieces that you can choose from to create your one-of-a-kind necklace, bracelet or earrings. Each of the four collections can be mixed-and-matched and there are no tools required to complete the process which is perfect for those that are less than skilled at crafting. 

Styled by Tori Spelling Glam Danglers, $5.99 –

Styled by Tori Spelling Glitz Bib Style Necklace Bottom, $14.99 –

Styled by Tori Spelling Glitz Multi Style Chain Necklace, $12.99 –

Styled By Tori Spelling Noir Pendant, $5.99 –

Styled by Tori Spelling Boho Pendant, $7.99 –

Styled by Tori Spelling BoHo Necklace Bottom, $12.99 –

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