Do-gooder: EcoTools Clean Skin, Cleaner World Body Wash

EcoTools-Clean-Skin-Cleaner-World-Body-Wash.jpgWe’re going to ask you to do something today. Do yourself — and the earth — a favor and lather up with EcoTools Clean Skin, Cleaner World Body Wash.

This body wash is one of our favorites as of late. Botanically derived, biodegradable ingredients make for a refreshing, rejuvenating experience that’s also good for the environment — what could be wrong with that? The ingredients found within are 98 percent from nature, which we are completely in favor of — and the body wash itself comes in a recyclable bottle.

The body wash itself is thick and rich. The scent is unbelievably refreshing — the perfect jumpstart to a busy day.

EcoTools Clean Skin, Cleaner World Body Wash retails for $5.99 at 1 percent of the annual sales of this product will be donated to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live.


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