Doctor approved "healthy" snacks now available from Dr. Sears

It never fails that the minute you leave the house and are on your way to the next destination, the kids chime in — “we’re hungry!” It doesn’t matter that they just ate breakfast not more than 10 minutes ago, they always want a snack. Dr. Sears Family Essentials has just introduced a new line of 100 percent all natural drinks, snacks and supplements that offer kids high amounts of essential nutrients and antioxidants to keep them healthy while on the go. 

The new drink, Cool Fuel, is a ready-to-drink shake that is made from all natural ingredients and is also gluten-and-lactose free and comes in chocolate, vanilla and chocolate banana flavors. The new snacks, POPUMZ All Natural Crisps are popped whole grains filled with fiber and fortified with Omega-3 DHA for extra brain nourishment that come in chocolate, vanilla and carmel flavors. We taste-tested a few just to see if they really were kid-approved and parent-approved — definitely four thumbs up!
Dr. Sears Family Essentials POPUMZ All Natural Crisps, $3.99 per 4-pack tray, at
Dr. Sears Family Essentials Cool Fuel, $8.99 per 4-pack, at

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