Earthy Beginnings: Eco Meets Mod

Not into pastels and teddy bears when it comes to your kids’ clothing?  You’re not alone.  Fortunately, with designers like G. of Earthy Beginnings we have lots of stylish options for the modern and eco-conscious families, including a line of rockerwear.  Here are a few faves:

EarthyBeginnings3.jpgMarching Drum Tee, $30

EarthyBeginnings1.jpgBusy Bees and Butterflies, $30

EarthyBeginnings2.jpgDouble Bass Tee, $28

All of the clothes at Earthy Beginnings are printed on eco-friendly fabrics (like organic cotton) and come with a seeded tag that you can plant with the kids and watch grow.  Now that’s truly an earthy beginning!

Get 10% off your Earthy Beginnings purchase with code “SBM10”.  Offer good through 2/28/10.

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