Easy hairstyling tip: quick curls with no fuss

lightelements.jpgWant controlled, fun curls with a minimum of hassle? It’s super easy with this quick hair styling trick. All you need is some styling product and about 30 minutes to let hair dry.

After hair is washed, divide into four sections, one on each side of the face, and one behind each of those. Coat hand lightly with a touch of molding or styling wax (Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip is great for this), grab one complete section of hair and twirl in the direction you want the curl to go. When hair is twisted all the way to the end, let it rest and move on to the next section and repeat. 
So it looks like you have four big dreadlocks on your head, and that’s okay. When hair has dried, bend at the waist and shake hair out of the twirls loosely. Curls will be controlled with no frizz, and heat-damage free. 
You can find Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip at Aveda.com.

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