Easy tips to keep manicures from chipping

photo by katie on flickr-1.jpg

There is nothing more frustrating than meticulously painting your nails only to have the polish chip away in a day or two. Here are some easy tips to help keep your polish in place:
  • Use a quality polish. Some favorites include Sally Hansen, Opi, Zoya, and Butter London.
  • Lightly buff nails before applying base coat. The goal isn’t to rough up your nails, but to remove any surface oils.
  • Swipe nails with nail polish remover or witch hazel prior to applying base coat.
  • Don’t skip on the top coat. Choose a high quality one and reapply every other day to protect polish.
  • Use thinner coats of polish. Four thin coats of polish will last much longer (and dry faster) than two thick coats of polish.
  • Wear rubber gloves when using hands in water or chemicals. This alone will help preserve your manicure for days.

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