Eco-chic: woven bags made from recycled juice boxes

Looking at your kid’s juice box, you would probably never think about using it as a fashion accessory. Thanks to genius recycling designers, though, that’s exactly what those colorful boxes can become. Made from shredded juice boxes, the bags you see below are extremely durable (think about how your child punishes her juice box!) besides being stylish. Plus, companies like UrthBags are handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans and women’s organizations.

Recycled Juice Box Yoga Bag, $40 (sale),

recycled yoga bag.jpg
Recycled Juice Box Purse, $40,

juice box purse.jpg
“Karen” Recycled Juice Box Cell Phone Case, $39.50,
juice box cell cover.jpg
Recycled Juice Box Coin Purse, $13,

juice box coin purse.jpg
Juice Box Wallet, $30 (sale),

juice box wallet.jpg
“Victoria” Recycled Juice Box Handbag, $62,

juice box clutch.jpg

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