Eco-friendly and stylish the 'My Other Bag' totes are just what you need

While as much as you only want to carry a Louis Vuitton bag to the Farmer’s Market, we all know that sticking your fresh flowers and strawberries in it, isn’t the best idea. That’s why you need the whimsical and stylish ‘My Other Bag’ totes for trips to the market or for your next beach day. Made in Los Angeles, the reusable totes are made of cotton canvas and are currently available in 16 different prints featuring mock-ups of designer purses that most of us dream of owning one day. I think it’s the perfect alternative for any purse-loving mom to carry to the grocery store, as for me, it might be the only time I do carry a Chanel purse on my arm.

My Other Bag Tote Bags, $29.99, at

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