Emerging trend: Birkenstocks

Seriously, sometimes fashion has a sense of humor. One of the most shocking trends to come out of New York Fashion Week is the return of the classic Birkenstock. For men and women alike, some of the biggest designers sent their models down the runway in haute couture, the hippy-esque Arizona sandal and sometimes even black socks (eek). So maybe the look is a little boxy and crunchy, but if this trend takes off in a major way (and it already is), think about how comfortable we’re all going to feel.

Arizona Oiled Leather Sandal, $120, nordstrom.com

birk arizona.jpg
Arizona Suede Sandal, $84, 6pm.com

arizona suede.jpg
 Sparta Sandal, $55, 6pm.com

birk sparta.jpg
Granada Sandals, $130, nordstrom.com

birk granada.jpg

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