These chic cocktail rings alert you to texts, emails and calls from your cellphone

As much as I love the convenience of my cell phone, sometimes I really hate having it. Seeing the number of emails grow right on the screen, hearing the ping of texts…it gives Type-A me a few palpitations. As much as I would love to give it a break, though, I do need to be instantly available for the important stuff: calls from the camp my daughter is attending, call-backs from the pediatrician’s office, etc. With the launch of a new line of smart rings from Ringly, I may get the best of both worlds. The first of its kind, Ringly jewelry integrates Bluetooth technology into truly stunning (yes, really!) cocktail-style rings. Expecting important calls, texts or emails? You can leave your phone in your bag but receive an alert via four different vibration patterns and five colors right in the ring when communications that matter to you come through. Just download the iOS or Android app, slip one of Ringly rings on your finger and enjoy your day without the fear of missing something. Although they won’t be shipping until a little later this year, there’s a nice pre-order discount to reward you for your wait. The only problem in my opinion? Choosing from the four gorgeous semi-precious stones.

ringly bluetooth rings

Left to right, top to bottom:
Daydream Rainbow Moonstone, $145 (pre-order discount),
Into the Woods Emerald, $180 (pre-order discount),
Stargaze Black Onyx, $145 (pre-order discount),
Wine Bar Pink Sapphire, $145 (pre-order discount),

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