Exercise their imaginations with a Bilibo toy

With a few weeks of summer left, you’re sure to hear the phrase “I’m bored,” a few more times. Put away the video games and unplug the TV and get your kids using their imaginations with a Bilibo toy. At first it looks just like a wobbly bowl with two holes in the back but let their imaginations run wild and the Bilibo can be just about anything. Kids can sit in them, race in them, spin them, wear them as a hat or play a hiding game with them. The Bilibo is available in two sizes, mini and large, and a variety of colors. The Bilibo is a great toy to provide hours of unplugged fun for your kids!
Kid-O Bilibo, $25.20, at amazon.com
Kid-O Bilibo Mini, $10.26 for two, at amazon.com

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