Family-friendly printables to celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah

December. It’s a season of friends, family and fun…and it’s also a month in which time totally gets away from you. We can only cram so much into 24 hours! With the beginning of Hanukkah this evening, you may be finding that you’re a little short on fun holiday items like decor, kids’ games and party supplies. Believe it or not, though, there’s still time for all of that if you choose fantastic Hanukkah printables. Simple, affordable and festive, the kits featured below easily help you create the perfect family get-together with nothing more than a little printer ink and imagination. 

Hanukkah Printable Bingo by BigDandMe, $4.50,
A Christmas-themed version is also available here.

hanukkah bingo game.jpg
Hanukkah Collection DIY Printable Party by FrogPrincePaperie, $12.50,
A banner, food labels, gift labels and much more!

hanukkah diy party collection.jpgStar of David Hanukkah Printable Banner by WhenIWasYourAge, $6,

star of david banner.jpgHanukkah Partie Kit by LePartieSugar, $35,

partie kit lepartiesugar.jpgPrint Your Own Hershey Bar Wrappers by NecessiTees, $5,
Christmas styles also available here.

hanukkah hershey wrappers.jpgHanukkah Playdate Collection: Custom Printable by LibbyLanePress, $9,

hanukkah playdate set.jpg

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