Fanciful turbans and kimono jackets for kids from Wild&Whimsy

Despite her young age, my five-year-old daughter already has a very strong sense of personal style. If it’s bohemian or a little earthy-glam, she is all over it. While pinning on Pinterest the other day, she glanced over my shoulder and saw a pin featuring Wild&Whimsy kimono jackets for kids. She literally gasped, and after visiting their site, I totally see why. While maintaining an age-appropriate look and feel, Wild&Whimsy’s kimonos are strikingly gorgeous–so much so, I’m a little jealous they aren’t in my size too. To finish out the look, the company also offers sumptuous velvet, lace and suede turbans. And, despite the luxurious look of Wild&Whimsy products, everything is so affordable, ringing in at around $50 or less!
kimonos for kids

Left to right:
Green Floral Kimono, $48,
Velvet Floral Kimono, $52,
Lux Velvet Turban, $18,

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