Feed and bond with baby comfortably with the Babee Laptime

It seems completely impossible that a tiny newborn can totally wear out your arm during the course of a single feeding but, as all parents know, it’s entirely possible. Nursing pillows that wrap around your waist can help a bit but you still bear the weight while keeping baby in a good position. So what’s a weary parent to do? Try the Babee Laptime infant seat. Unlike other nursing and feeding pillows, the Babee Laptime positions baby at the ideal angle for proper digestion. Plus, the infant seat fully supports your newborn for face-to-face bonding. It’s also ideal for those times when big brothers and sisters want to “help out” by holding their new siblings. To see how it all works and to learn more about the benefits, visit babeelaptime.com.     

Babee Laptime, from $77.99, babeelaptime.com

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