Finish off the summer in cool seersucker looks

When it’s as hot as this record-breaking summer has been, staying cool trumps high fashion. Tank tops, cutoffs, flip-flops…as long as you’re covered and it’s cool, they all become fair game. As we begin the slow slide toward back-to-school, however, you may begin finding yourself invited to events (orientations, meetings) where your look needs to be more pulled together despite the heat. For times like these, seersucker is your friend. A classic lightweight, summery fabric, seersucker looks chic even with a wrinkle or two. Wear it to the office or out to an amusement park. Whatever form–shorts, skirt, blazer–every seersucker piece will be as stylish next year as it is during this heatwave.

5 inch Seersucker Shorts, $27 (sale),

seersucker shorts 5 inch.jpg
Cafe Capri in Seersucker, $80 (sale),

cafe capri seersucker.jpg
Seersucker Skirt, $25 (sale),
Also a great choice for the first trimester thanks to its elasticized waistband.

seersucker skirt.jpg
Maternal America Scoop Neck Dress, $104,

maternal america seersucker.jpg
Attache Dress in Seersucker, $130 (sale),

attache dress seersucker.jpg
Tipped Blazer in Seersucker, $89 (sale),

tipped blazer.jpg

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