Fitness meets fashion with Ellie

For most of us moms, the first thing we put on in the morning is our workout clothes hoping that we make it there in time before it’s time for school pick-up or before the grocery list gets in the way of making it to Zumba class at 10 a.m.  Half the time we actually do workout, the other half of the time we just wear our athletic wear because it’s comfortable. Now you can be fashionable and sporty with Ellie Athletic Wear, which for those that join as “members” of the Fit Fashionista Club, you can choose any two pieces of tops or bottoms or one of each, for $49.95 a month and free shipping is included. To get started you take a style quiz and then Ellie personalizes your showroom of the best picks based on your quiz answers. From electric blue capris to printed tanks with built-in sports bras, the line is on par with today’s athletic wear trends. Of course, you are free to shop each piece individually not as a member for the listed price but personally, I can’t think of anything more motivating to workout than two cute new pieces of workout clothing at $49.95.

Ellie Athletic Wear, $49.95 for two pieces, at

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