Foundations and shapewear for holiday party looks

One of the most frustrating things about holiday party season isn’t the hostess gift or the wine choice. It’s finding the right foundation for that perfect party ensemble. Many of the most gorgeous looks make wearing a traditional bra impossible. Other looks require a bit of smoothing and shaping for the perfect line. Worst of all, buying the right bra or shaping slip can set you back as much if not more than the dress or suit itself. Taking price and performance into consideration, the problem-solving undergarments featured below are some of our favorites. Even better, these styles fit practically every figure.

Fashion Forms NuBra, $32,

U-Plunge Backless Push-Up Bra, $50,

plunge backless.jpg
Commando Top Hats Adhesive Concealers, $30,

Skinnytees Basic Tank, $32,
A maternity-friendly tank with just a bit of shaping support for all figures. Great for the first trimester!

Christin Michaels Daira Shaping Camisole, $30 (sale),

shaping cami lace.jpg
Assets Red Hot Label by Spanx Focused Firmers Hi-Waist Half Slip, $44,

assets slip mid.jpg
Spanx Sim-Cognito Mid Thigh Shape Suit, $98,

slim cognito.jpg

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