Four memory keepers to document favorite moments of 2014

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be better about documenting my favorite moments of each day. While we live through our social media channels, posting status updates and uploading silly photos, it only lasts as long as it’s in your news stream. Then it’s hidden from memory until your next update.  While online is great, it’s also nice to have those moments available to you when you don’t have WiFi up and running. Here’s four great memory keepers to inspire you to document those favorite moments of 2014 because it’s never too late to start.

Memory Keepers

From left to right:

1) Project Life by Becky Higgins Core Kit, $29.99, at

2) Moments Memories Everyday Documenting Journal, $32, at

3) Gratitude Journal, $14.95, at

4) Q&A a Day for Kids, $16.95, at

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