Four tinted moisturizers to help lighten up this summer

Why keep an extra step in your morning routine when you don’t have to? With these new products, you can effectively combine your moisturizer and your foundation and still keep a fresh look. As a bonus, each of these tinted moisturizers have broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which is a key element in any anti-aging skincare routine.

Tinted Moisturizer Physicians Formula.jpg
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer, $14.99. This sporty tinted moisturizer boasts a hearty SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and a sheer tint.
Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer.jpg
Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30, $13.99.
Neutrogena always has some excellent mass market moisturizers on the market, and this one is no exception. You can purchase this tinted or untinted, and it has protection against UV-aging and UV-burning rays.
 Cover Girl Smoothers.jpg
Cover Girl Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture, $6.99. This tinted moisturizer is light on the wallet but heavy on the UVA/UVB protection. Four shades of tint help even out skin tone and moisturizers keep skin healthy. 

 Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector Sheer Tint Moisturizer.jpg

L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector Sheer Tint Moisturizer SPF 12, $19.99.This is a multi-tasker to the extreme! Provides deep hydration, a sheer tint to even out skin tone, breakthrough anti-age spot treatment, and an SPF of 12 to protect skin on a daily basis.

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