Freeze warning: ice pop molds to cool off your summer

I’m not declaring summer 2014 as the demise of the ice cream social, but I will say that everywhere I am traveling these days, it’s ice pops that serve as the treat du jour. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic store-bought variety, homemade/DIY versions are fantastic with kids because they (a) allow you to control the sugar and ingredients and (b) create a fun afternoon activity. Although you can still find the classic (slightly boring) ice pop molds we all grew up with, why not try some of the latest crop of molds to hit store shelves? From rockets to swirls to bugs, the ice pop molds featured below will make the next hot day a lot cooler.

ice pop molds

Mastrad Orka Ice Pop Molds, $12,

Right, top to bottom:
Tovolo Rocket Ice Pop Molds, $13,
Jumping Beans 6-piece Popsicle Mold, $10,
Tovolo Bug Pop Molds, $13,

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