Fun find: candy house decorating made easy with The Candy Cottage

No-one I know has time to bake a gingerbread house. However, the kids have now grown accustomed to making one every year using a pre-fab kit. The only thing is…it always falls down. This year we’re getting prepared early for gingerbread house decorating by making a Halloween candy house with The Candy Cottage. The Candy Cottage is more than just a pre-fab kit. The house snaps together in mere seconds and is ready to decorate right out of the box. No frosting the parts together hoping they hold because it’s made of plastic and it can be rinsed off and used over and over again each year for any holiday that requires a candy house. You can order the Original Candy Cottage which is a larger size house, complete with a chimney, door and windows, or a Party Pack that comes with four mini houses to decorate, either way it’s sure to be a win-win for the upcoming holidays with you and the kids.

The Candy Cottage, $34.99, at 

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