Gear up for Shark Week with a new limited edition print from TOMS Shoes

Every August, one of TVs biggest events rolls around, causing millions of us fire up DVRs and glue ourselves to our our televisions. Of course we’re talking about Discovery’s Shark Week. Whether you’re an ocean lover or just like to see gigantic great whites launching into the air, it seems that the entire country becomes entranced by sharks of all types. This year Shark Week fans can get in on a little more shark-filled action with the launch of TOMS’ limited edition line of shark camo shoe styles. In men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes, the whole family can wear the sea-inspired blue and gray camo print. Even cooler is the double charitable contribution with each pair. Not only does a child in need receive a free pair of shoes for every pair sold, but TOMS also donates $5 from the sale of each pair to ocean conservation organization Oceana.

Discovery Shark Camo Tiny TOMS Biminis, $36,
Also in Youth Sizes.
shark biminis baby.jpgDiscover Shark Camo Men’s Nautical Biminis, $79,
Also in Women’s Sizes.

men's shark biminis.jpg
Discovery Shark Camo Women’s Classics, $58,
Also in Men’s Sizes.

shark classics.jpg

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