Get the conversation started with ‘Q&A a Day for Kids’

Once you pick your kids up from school the first thing you ask them was, “How was your day?” They answer with, “Just fine,” and that’s the end of the conversation. Don’t leave it at that. Now you can start the conversation each day with a new unique question from Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three Year Journal by Betsy Franco. With 365 unique questions and three spaces on each page to record their unique answers, you can use it for three years and see how their answer differs each year. Sample questions include: If you could buy anything, what would you buy?; Who helps you when you are sad?; What is your favorite time of day at home?; and What was the last fruit or veggie you ate? Each question gives you the opportunity to have a fun conversation with your child as you get to know them better as they grow into independent thinkers and you’ll love looking back each year to see what they said the previous year.

Q&A A Day For Kids

Q&A a Day For Kids: A Three-Year Journal by Betsy Franco, $16.95, at

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