Get your DIY on with Darby Smart in 2014

I love arts and crafts. I love to do them with the kids and honestly, I love to do them by myself too. It’s therapeutic and you feel so accomplished once you finish. In 2014, I’m going to save money and time by getting the crafts delivered to my doorstep with Darby Smart. Curated by leading designers, each month a new project is created that is stylish and functional. Think jewelry, gift items like etched champagne glasses and acrylic trays and lucite clutches. You can choose a 3-, 6- or 1-year subscription or buy just the project boxes you like on an as needed basis. It’s a great gift item for a crafty friend or perhaps just for yourself to celebrate the new year.

Darby Smart Project Boxes, starting at $19 and up, at





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