Getting groovy: kids' tie dye styles

They (nor you, most likely) were around during tie dye’s heyday in the ’60s, but there’s a good chance your kids will be screaming for this crazily vibrant print on some article of clothing for summer 2013. This thought may send you into a tailspin, envisioning boxy, DIY-style, hippie-esque tees on your little one, but take heart. More reminiscent of swirling water and even ikat, designers are taking signature tie dye and mixing it up into some surprisingly chic–or at least more subdued–patterns. It’s cool and casual…perfect for that summery vibe everyone loves.

Blue Crown Jam Rock Boys Pocket Tee, $16,

black rock tee.jpg
Short Sleeve Tie Dye Super-T, $17.50,

tie dye swirl tee le.jpg
First Wave Tie Dye Swim Shorts, $16,

first wave tie dye swim shorts.jpgGuess Girls Tie Dye Maxi Dress, $42.50,

girls tie dye maxi dress.jpg
Riley Tie Dye Shorts, $34,

riley tie dye shorts.jpg
SO Tie Dye One-Piece Swimsuit, $18 (sale),

so tie dye swim.jpg

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