Get a "preppy" makeover with KJP's newest accessories

I can already smell the salty air as I think about Cape Cod but what really gets me going is the preppy vintage style of boat shoes and madras shorts. Even if you’re not headed to the Cape this summer, it doesn’t mean you can’t look like it. Kiel James Patrick (KJP) has made a new line of accessories that gives a whole new meaning to preppy. Adorned with iconic nautical logos like cherry-red lobsters and green whales and vintage plaid prints, the bracelets and belts are classic for any dad or mom to wear to around town. Also check out the headbands for women which are classic Kennedy-style and go with any A-line skirt perfectly!

Hans Castorp Split Leather Repp Silk Bracelet, $58, at
Audrey Hepburn Headband, $30, at
Audrey Hepburn.jpg
Caroline Lee Bouvier Toggelash Falls Bracelet, $35, at
Caroline Lee Bouvier.jpg
Shift Tide Skipper Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet, $40, at

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