Give them a space all their own with play tables

When the weather is too hot (or too cold) for outdoor activity, arts and crafts provide the perfect diversion. Unfortunately, your dining table or coffee table tends to take a beating from the glue, crayons and glitter. The answer? A play table. The styles you see below range from whimsical to traditional and all are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials. Your kids will appreciate a space all their own and you’ll be saving your furniture from wear and tear.

WilliamTag Small Activity Table with 2 Stools from JasonDupin, from $175,
Available in multiple colors and sizes, plus $10 from every sale goes to one of the charities listed in the product description.

william tag activity table.jpg
Peek-a-Boo Chalkboard Table with Benches, $90,

peekaboo table.jpg
Jennifer Delonge Grace Rectangular White Table Set, $299,

mod play table set.jpg
Catalina Grow-with-You Table, $120 (sale),
This table is adjustable, making it possible to raise the height as your child grows.

grow with you table.jpg
Children’s Polka Dot Table & Toadstool Set from emenyscreations, $125,
Choose from 31 colors!
toadstool table.jpg
Natural Round Table with Shelf & 2 Chair Set, $140,
bbandb table.JPG

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