Glow in the dark clothing and accessories for kids

Although I wouldn’t recommend breaking an arm for it, my daughter’s glow in the dark arm cast has been her favorite accessory this spring. By day, it’s an unassuming light yellow number, but by night…pure fun. With the cast coming off next week, we’re on the hunt for something cool to take its place. As it turns out, glow in the dark clothing and accessories are making a splash this summer. Shoe laces, flip-flops, dresses, tees…there is something glow in the dark for practically any kid of any age this summer. If your little one has to be unlucky enough to break something, go for the glowing cast; otherwise, the glow in the dark clothing, shoes and accessories featured below will make them very happy all season long.

glow in the dark clothing

Left to right, top to bottom:
Vans Classic Slip On Glow in the Dark, $22,
Globe Glow in the Dark Flat Laces, $6,
Lilly Pulitzer Kids Glow in the Dark Shift Dress, $58,
Glow in the Dark Skulls Tee, $29.50,
Havaianas Glow in the Dark Flip-Flops, $17,

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