Go Earth-friendly with Demeter Fragrance Library's Naturals


Thinking about being more eco-conscious this Earth Day? Many beauty brands are thinking exactly the same way. Niche fragrance house Demeter Fragrance has released a new line of 100% natural fragrances. The best thing about the line? It won’t break your wallet. Completely natural fragrances can only cost between $9 and $27.
These fragrances are made from alcohol which is naturally fermented from corn, distilled water, features no secondary packaging to tear up and throw away, no artificial color, and absolutely no phthalates.
The line features six different fragrances:
  • Lilac
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Patchouli
  • Mimosa
All fragrances are available from Demeter Fragrance’s website.

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