Great drugstore find: Essence of Beauty Gel Eye Mask

Essence-of-Beauty-Gel-Eye-Mask.jpgLooking for a way to perk up those peepers and give yourself an extra bit of well-deserved relaxation all at the same time? May we introduce you to the Essence of Beauty Gel Eye Mask?

First of all, this colorful eye mask comes sealed in a genius reusable plastic pouch. (We love easily stored beauty products.) Once removed from the pouch, all you have to do is decide whether you’re in the mood for a cold eye mask or a hot one. Once you’ve made that ever-important decision, fill a bowl with tap water of your choosing and place the mask inside for about 15 minutes.

Now comes the fun part. Remove the mask from the bowl, use the handy elastic band to slip over your eyes and back of your head, and lie down in a dark, quiet room for about 15 minutes. Your eyes will be rejuvenated and refreshed … and when the 15 minutes are up, you’ll be ready to take on the world once more!

And did we mention the pretty colors this mask comes in? We’re partial to pink or purple.

The Essence of Beauty Gel Eye Mask retails for $2.99 at

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