Halloween: organic makeup and face painting kits to complete the costume

If the Halloween costumes in your house are depending on some good old fashioned face paint to make the costume complete, then Luna Organics makeup kits are just the thing you need. The all natural kids’ makeup and face paint line is made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials and are easily removed with a moist towel and water. Made with the same organic minerals as adult mineral makeup, Luna Organics offers a variety of costume makeup kits including an Animal Medley kit, Pixie Magic Makeup kit, Rainbow Medley kit and Clown kit. The makeup is also safe for babies and great for adults to avoid unnecessary breakouts!
Luna Organics All Natural Animal Medley Kit, $12.95, at amazon.com
Luna Organics All Natural Fancy Fairy Makeup Kit, $14.95, at amazon.com
Luna Organics All Natural Rainbow Costume Makeup Kit, $20.35, at amazon.com

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