Headboard slipcovers for kids make for an easy room redo

A funny thing happened when the new year came, I instantly wanted to redo every room in the house. “Out with the old and in with the new” became my new motto. While that’s easier said then done, especially when it comes to budget, I thought that I would start with the kid’s rooms that easily have much of the same items from their baby days. Rather than dumping all the furniture, I came upon these decorative headboard slipcovers for kids that aren’t only decorative but also functional, featuring pockets and actual frames to hold art and photos. Currently the covers are available in six different themes and available in twin and full sizes. The themes are: Dollhouse, Playtown, 3D Flowers, Planets, Frames or Pockets. Now it’s easy to redecorate with the switch of a cover and you’ll be able to use whatever furniture you have for years to come.

Decorative Headboard Covers for Kids, $129-$149, at thecompanystore.com

Decorative Headboards

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