How to get perfectly groomed brows at home


I will admit, I’m a bit obsessed with eyebrows. I don’t really tend to pay attention to everyone else’s brows, but I am always messing with mine. It constantly amazes me how well-groomed eyebrows can radically change the appearance of my face. A few simple steps can completely alter your look, and it doesn’t take much time to accomplish.
To begin, discover the right shape for you. Don’t just go attacking with the tweezers! Look straight into a mirror and take a ruler (or other straight lined object – I’ll admit to using an eyeliner pencil most of the time) and place it vertically along the outer edge of your nose up to the inner corner of your eye. Take an eyebrow pencil and mark where the pencil lies – that is where your brows should begin. Leave the pencil against your nose but angle it out so that it passes by the outer part of the iris. Remember to look straight ahead, or this whole exercise is futile. Take your brow pencil and mark this spot on your brows. This is where your arch should be highest. Again, leaving the pencil in the same spot, angle it out so that it goes over the outer corner of the eye. Mark this spot as as well, as this is where the brows should end.
Now you have your basic shape. Pluck all stray hairs and decide how thick your brows will be. The current trend is for strong, or thick, brows, but I’ve always preferred a more natural look. Tweeze to define your arch and be sure to remove all hairs in between brows. To emphasize your arch, pluck underneath carefully, making sure you don’t go too thin. A simple brush with an eyebrow brush every morning will make a huge difference. Fill in brows with an eyebrow pencil or powder lightly for a more finished look. 
For a natural look, try a clear eyebrow gel. You’ll be amazed at how it will finish off your daily look.

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