How to make high heels more comfortable

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Q. I am in a wedding this spring and the bride has chosen some really beautiful stilettos for us bridesmaids. My problem? I’ve had the “luxury” of a casual-dress environment for the last several years and very rarely wear heels anymore! I will be in these shoes for at least 12 hours; I really want to enjoy her wedding and not have to resort to flip-flops (horror!) or – ahem – getting drunk to relieve my aching feet. Do you have a “best” insert/insole recommendation?


A. Lucky for you, these heels aren’t too high, so they won’t completely destroy your comfort-shoe-loving feet. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have comfort insoles on hand to help you dance the night away. For years, the StyleBakery team has used Foot Petals “Killer Kushions” to soften the pain of our cute-but-killer heels. They have a slim profile, so they work with even the most bare sandals.
We also really like Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles which are made specifically for heels that are 2″ or higher. They work by taking the pressure off the ball of your foot. They are clear and have a slim profile, so they work with virtually all shoes.
We can’t guarantee that either of these products will give you an ache-free evening (even a 2″ heel can hurt after 12 hours on your feet!) but they will certainly help. And a glass of champagne or two wouldn’t hurt either.

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