Flash Tattoos: Jewelry-like temporary tattoos for grown-ups

When I first heard about Flash Tattoos, I will admit that I thought it was a terrible idea. Temporary tattoos for kids are fine, but for grown women? When I actually saw examples of the jewelry-like temporary tattoos, however, my opinion softened a bit. Flash Tattoos aren’t your average character-emblazoned, rainbow-hued sticker tattoos. Available in silver, gold and black, they really do resemble bracelets and necklaces. Sold in sheets of four, each pack contains an assortment of sizes and styles to fit your personality. And if you’re a mom of a toddler who loves to grab and pull on your jewelry, these tats may be just the answer when you want to accessorize but fear breaking a favorite piece. Admittedly, these aren’t for everyone or every occasion, but Flash Tattoos may be that perfect unexpected accent we all love from time to time.

flash tattoos

Image on left:
Nicole Miller Sophia Flash Tat Package, $22, nicolemiller.com

Images on right, top to bottom:
Flash Tattoos Josephine, $29, lorisshoes.com
Flash Tattoos Lena, $29, lorisshoes.com
Nicole Miller Flat Tat Package, $22, nicolemiller.com
Flash Tattoos X Child of Wild Pack, $30, boutiquetoyou.com

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