Julius Jr., the new must-watch animated preschool series on Nick Jr.


Last week, we introduced you to the fun new animated preschool series Julius Jr. on Nick Jr. The show premiered this weekend and I had the opportunity to watch with my twin 5-year-old boys.

My boys are pretty savvy TV watchers and are at the age where they are starting to trade in some of their old animated favorites in favor of “big boy” shows starring superheros, G-rated tweens and dinosaurs, so I was unsure whether they would appreciate the fun-loving Julius Jr. and friends. We gathered around the TV on Sunday morning with anticipation and a snack.

Anyone familiar with Paul Frank illustrations will have an instant feeling of familiarity upon watching the show. Julius Jr. (the monkey) is recognizable as are the bright colors and almost 2D feel to the animation. The groovy opening song got us excited for what was to come. The show consists of two episodes, each focusing on Julius Jr. and his friends Worry Bear, Sheree, Clancy, and Ping. They work together using their imagination to create inventions to overcome challenges and help their friends.

My kids especially enjoyed the episode where they try to help a caterpillar to metamorphosize into a butterfly. They head to the invention room to create a record-player-come-cocoon-builder to help turn the caterpillar into a chrysalis. When the invention doesn’t seem to work, they go on an adventure together only to find out eventually that he wasn’t a caterpillar after all, but a millipede.

When the show was over, both boys said they loved the show and would watch it again. They liked Julius Jr. the best of all the characters and enjoyed the songs. One said he liked the invention room best, while the other really liked the hall of doors. As a parent, I appreciated the age-approprate “lessons” in the series such as teamwork, creativity, imagination and learning — all presented in the fun and entertaining way we’ve come to expect from Nick Jr. series.

Julius Jr. is sure to become a new family favorite on our must-watch list!

AuthorLogoJulius.jpgJulius Jr. is a funky monkey with a penchant for invention. Together with his best pals, Worry Bear, Sheree, Clancy and Ping, they build a playhouse out of a simple cardboard box, but when they step inside, to their surprise and delight, they discover a magical playroom where ordinary objects come to life and fantastic adventures are just a door away! Julius Jr. and his best pals are coming to Nick Jr. Sundays at 11am/10c starting September 29th.

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