Keep baby comfortable wherever you go with the zCush Nap Mat

Before having a child, those darling Moses baskets looked so convenient for travel and outings. Once I had my daughter, however, I realized that they looked great but were horribly bulky. And forget about trying to get one on a plane unless you check it. The zCush Baby Nap Mat is a much better option for parents on the go. Reminiscent of a sleeping bag but much safer thanks to the well-planned design, baby can nap comfortably whether you’re at grandma’s house, on a picnic or sitting in the airport. To see all the styles and for safety information, visit

zCush Baby Nap Mat in Chenille, $50,
White, pink, green and blue styles available.

blue chennile nap mat.jpg

zCush Baby Nap Mat in Cotton, $35,
Pink, yellow, blue and green styles available.

green frog zcush.jpg

zCush Baby Nap Mat in Velvet, $69,
Pink, yellow and blue styles available.

pink nap mat.jpg

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