Kid-approved clothes for the holidays from Target

“It was like the best day ever!” A direct quote from my son after his Target photo shoot in New York City a couple of weeks ago. I’d definitely agree that seeing my 4-year-old dressed up in some of the cutest holiday clothes while posing for the camera ranks high on the list of great days for me as well.

After arriving at the studio and having his hair “done”, we walked over to the wardrobe area to try on his looks for the day. His first look was a velvet blazer with a bright green and navy checked shirt and tie, paired with slim khakis and slip-on sneakers. He loved wearing his first jacket and tie, and I may be a little biased here, but he was seriously the cutest kid on the planet. Here he is on set hamming it up with some colorful ornaments:


On to look two which was a thermal henley top worn under a striped zip sweater, paired with black pants and the same slip-on sneakers. While the other look was perfect for a special event or party, this one was just right for every day. He spent the next half-hour on set making “snow angels” in a pool of ornaments while showing off his favorites to the camera.


Not only did he have a blast, but he was so excited that he was able to take the clothes home with him. As any mom can attest, getting dressed each day is so much easier when your kids love their clothes. Ben proudly wore his blazer and shirt to our family holiday party this past weekend and the other look has already made a few appearances at school and birthday parties.

Fantastic day of modeling in the city aside, Target has always been one of our favorite resources for kids clothes. Not only are the clothes incredibly affordable (a necessity when kids seem to outgrow their clothes in a few short months), but I’m always impressed with the fit and quality — and the styles are cool enough to make kids happy. I’ve always found a great selection of every day and special occasion clothes at Target, and this holiday season is no exception. Take your kids to check out the selection at Target and it just may be their best day ever too.

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A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign. 

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