Kids can create their own stuffed animal with Budsies

I remember having a favorite stuffed animal as a child. However it would have been extra cool if I had designed that stuffed animal myself and it was brought to life by a cool company like Budsies. Budsies gives kids the opportunity to imagine and create their very own stuffed “friend” (because it doesn’t always have to be a stuffed animal) on paper and then when it’s sent in, they make it into a real life stuffed friend for your child. It’s super easy to send in via e-mail or text a picture from your smartphone of the picture your child drew and then in five weeks, your Budsie will arrive in the mail. It does take awhile because each one is handmade and unique, just like your child’s drawing but can you imagine the surprise on their face when they get it…priceless!

Budsie 1

 Budsies, $99, at

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