Kids can walk to win prizes with GeoPalz

Since childhood obesity is at an all-time high and schools across the country are being forced to cut physical education programs due to lack of budget, kids everywhere need a little bit more motivation to get outside and get their heart pumping. GeoPalz is new activity tracker made just for kids that tracks their steps each day like a pedometer. Designed in fun shapes like basketballs, peace signs and ladybugs, the GeoPalz allow kids to log their steps online then turn in their “step count” for prizes at different levels. Kids can trade their points for items like free jump ropes, soccer balls, iTunes gift cards and Target gift cards. Every mile walked earns points and you can also download certificates of accomplishment and unlock badges on the online GeoPalz. What a great way to get kids outside and moving!

GeoPalz Activity Tracker, $25, at

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