Kids' curl-enhancing products for every hair type by Curly Q's

By the time we reach adulthood, those of us with naturally curly hair have either learned to embrace our curls or whip them into submission with harsh chemicals and hot styling tools. No matter how we feel about our own locks, though, we usually thrill at seeing those curly genes passed on to our own darling children. But how do you enhance them gently? Curly Q’s by Curls is a great place to start. Originally designed to gently cleanse, condition, define and hold the natural curls of ethnic hair, Curlie Q’s organic products magically seem to work for all hair types. Yes, even my own little one’s baby-fine, thin hair springs into gorgeous ringlets that last through the day. And if you love it for your child’s hair, check out the Curls line of products for adults and babies.

Curly Cutie Cleansing Cream, $12,
Sulfate free
Curly Cutie Cleansing Cream.jpg
Coconut Dream Conditioner, $14,
coconut dream conditioner.jpg
Moist Curls Moisturizer/Detangler, $14,
curl detangler.jpg
Curly Q Gel-les’c Curl Jelly, $18,
Provides hold for all curly hair types
curl jealousy.jpg

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