Kids' food allergy bracelets for a safer school year

For the parents of children with major allergies, school and social outings can be scary. It takes a keen eye to spot all the possible allergens in common foods, plus little kids often can’t adequately explain their food allergies well enough to protect themselves. For these reasons, allergy bracelets are smart buys for back-to-school time. Like adult medical alert jewelry, allergy bracelets alert others to your child’s allergy (or allergies). Unlike the adult jewelry, these styles are fun and durable…just right for kids. Both of the brands featured below cover a wide variety of both common and uncommon food allergies, as well as other major allergens like bee venom.

Allerbling Bracelets and Charms, from $5,
Buy the set below or pick and choose from 15 allergy alert charms.

allerbling.pngbee allergy.jpg

AllerMates and MediMates Wristbands, from $6,
Choose from 19 different wristbands, including alerts for common and uncommon allergies.

allermates collage.jpg

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