Kids’ gardening kits to entertain and educate

A local farm gifted my daughter and her classmates with a small pot of soil and a pumpkin seed this week. One would have assumed that the farmer had given them gold ingots rather than dirt based upon their excitement. City dwellers or suburbanites, it seems like all kids love trying to grow their own plants. And, really, it’s easy to understand why. The whole process–seed to plant–is a relatively fast one with obvious results, plus practically anyone of any age can do it. For those of us who may not have time to drop by a garden center or farm, it’s easy to find some extremely cool kids’ gardening kits on the web. The kits below range widely in price but all produce the same result: a chance for your little one to grow a plant from start to finish this spring.

gardening kits

Left to right:
OGrow My First Greenhouse, $135,
DuneCraft Organic Veggie Cucumbers, $4,
Prehistoric Plant Cube Kit, $20,
Sprout and Grow Window Garden, $23,

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