Kids' graphic tees that make a positive statement

If there’s one thing all kids seem to love it’s graphic tees. The problem with graphic t-shirts is that all too often the message winds up being insulting and insensitive, even to the kid who is supposed to be wearing it. Thankfully there are t-shirt designers out there who are working to create smart, empowering, inspirational and funny styles that kids will still want to wear. Companies like Veri Meri host kids’ online shirt design contests, meaning the graphics and sayings you see come from real kids. And the SATees are sure to build vocabulary even for moms and dads. Graphic tees like these make a positive statement while still keeping true to their fun graphic tee roots.

Be Buddies Not Bullies, $10-$24,
Also in pink.

be buddies tee.jpg
Lucky Ducky, $20,

lucky ducky tee.jpgI Am The Future Long Sleeve, $28,

i am the future.jpg

Be Nice Short Sleeve, $26,

be nice tee.jpeg

Gregarious Tee, $25,
Gregarious means “sociable.”

gregarious tee.jpg
Mellifluous Onesie, $24,
Mellifluous means “sweet sounding.”

The Future is Cool Robot Tee, $20,

future is cool.jpg

Life is Good Flowers/Campfire Tee, $20,

lavender life is good.jpg

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