Knit hats for kids of all ages

Especially when it comes to really active kids, coat hoods are practically worthless. One good sprint through the park and they fly right off your kid’s head, leaving him cold whether he admits it or not. That’s why we’ve converted totally to knit hats around my house. I appreciate the secure fit for my daughter and she likes the colors and cute character themes so much more than her regular coat hood. You certainly will find oodles of cutesy, whimsical designs out there, but even older kids will be on board with the equally plentiful grown up and tough-cool looks. We’ve given you a few of each to choose from below.

Kids’ Hand Knit Animal Hat, $39,
In three animal themes.

lion hat.jpg
Blueberry Hill Infant ‘Max” Knit Sock Monkey Hat, $26,

rr sock monkey.jpgSan Diego Hat Company Moose Hat, $28,

sdhat moose.jpg
Knitted Hat and Mittens Set, $42,

boden hat and mitten set.jpg
San Diego Hat Company Knit Hat, $24,

sdhat knit oatmeal.jpg
Nike Braided Knit Hat, $20,

nike knit hat kids.jpg
Gap Knit Mohawk Hat, $20,

mohawk knit hat.jpg

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